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Can You Receive Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy | Evolution Health and Wellness | Port Orange, FL

Pregnant women often experience discomfort in their backs and hips. In reality, more than half of all pregnant women have back discomfort in the weeks following their delivery. The hormone relaxin is secreted by pregnant women and aids them throughout labor and delivery by easing the strain on the woman’s muscles and joints. 

Since your belly has grown and your relaxin levels are affecting you, you may feel shaky and clumsy on your feet. Your muscles and ligaments are straining to keep up with your rapid growth. The cumulative effect of it can be highly weakening the back and spinal cord.

Straightening and realigning your spinal column (and the surrounding ligaments and muscles) is a significant part of prenatal chiropractic care, which aims to relieve pregnancy discomfort.

The possibility that chiropractic care will be beneficial is encouraging. Below, you can find information about the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care for pregnant women.

Is Visiting A Chiropractor Safe During Pregnancy?

Chiropractors work to correct misalignment of the spine and other joints. We don’t resort to pills or surgery. It’s a physical therapy utilized to reduce stress on the spinal cord and boost overall health.

More than a million chiropractic adjustments are performed every day worldwide, and complications are quite rare. It is generally agreed that chiropractic care is safe to receive while pregnant. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic care isn’t always the most effective method.

You should check with your doctor before seeing a chiropractor while you’re pregnant. Chiropractors aren’t typically advised to treat pregnant women with the following conditions: 

  • moderate to severe toxemia
  • placenta previa or placenta abruption
  • vaginal bleeding
  • ectopic pregnancy

Some chiropractors focus on prenatal care, although all certified chiropractors get training relevant to pregnancy. Find out whether they have any experience in this field or if your doctor can recommend somebody who does.

Chiropractors employ unique tables to support pregnant women’s increasing stomachs during adjustments. Chiropractors shouldn’t utilize any methods that could cause abdominal pressure. What’s more, tension and pain can be alleviated with stretches, which chiropractors can demonstrate.

Before settling on a new chiropractor, you should think about the following:

  • Credentials: You should find a licensed chiropractor with experience and credentials specifically for treating pregnant patients.
  • Specialized Equipment: Since it is uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to lie face down on a standard chiropractic table, the doctor should provide a special table or adaptation equipment, such as special cushioning that cradles the bump, to make the adjustment more comfortable.
  • Obstetrician’s Permission: Chiropractic care, like any other form of alternative or specialized treatment, should be discussed with your obstetrician first. There’s a chance you shouldn’t see a chiropractor until after the baby is delivered. Care from a chiropractor may not be safe or appropriate if you are experiencing or have been diagnosed with pregnancy-related complications, such as vaginal bleeding, placenta previa, placental abruption, toxemia, or an ectopic pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association states that obtaining chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy is completely safe, so long as you select a chiropractor specializing in prenatal care and your obstetrician gives the green light.

It’s essential to monitor your progress after chiropractic treatment and discuss any issues you have with your chiropractor.

How Chiropractic Care Assists Your Pregnancy Experience

There will be several changes to your body and hormone levels during pregnancy. A number of them could alter the way you stand and move. As your baby acquires weight, you will experience a shift in your posture and your center of gravity.

As your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, your vertebrae and other joints may become misaligned. Adjustments from a chiropractor can help alleviate these issues while you’re pregnant. Pregnant women who got chiropractic care during their pregnancy reported much less discomfort 75 percent of the time.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to do more than make you feel better; they are also intended to restore your body’s natural balance and alignment, focusing on the pelvis and spine. Your infant can also reap the rewards of chiropractic care.

How Chiropractic Care Assists Labor

A misaligned pelvis can cause a lack of space in the birth canal, which can be dangerous for a growing baby. An intrauterine limitation is when a developing fetus cannot move freely within the uterus due to an external force. There is a risk that this could result in congenital disabilities in the unborn child.

Further complications during delivery may occur if the pelvis is not positioned correctly. If your pelvis isn’t properly positioned, it can be challenging for your baby to get into the best position for birth—backward and head down.

As a result, a woman’s ability to give birth naturally may be compromised. Having a breech baby or being born in a posterior position is less likely if your pelvis is aligned properly. If your baby is in a less-than-ideal position for birth, your labor is likely to be longer and more challenging.

Pregnant women who undergo chiropractic care have a higher likelihood of a healthy baby being born. Using it may even reduce the amount of time you spend really laboring.

What To Expect In A Chiropractic Care Appointment

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is relatively similar to care received by women who aren’t pregnant. Patients new to the practice must fill out a lengthy registration form detailing their medical history, due date, and any issues they expect to have addressed during their visit (such as sciatica or hip pain). As an added precaution, review your insurance plan’s coverage and any applicable exclusions.

Let’s have a look at what could happen in an actual visit to the chiropractor:

  1. First, a chiropractor will perform a physical examination to assess your range of motion and locate any areas of dysfunction or misalignment.
  2. Your chiropractor will thoroughly review your health and medical history before developing a personalized treatment plan that may involve chiropractic care, massage therapy, or other safe modalities during pregnancy.
  3. You’ll be able to look over the treatment plan, ask any questions you have, and obtain responses.
  4. The moment has come for you to make the required changes. If you want to feel better, this is what you need to focus on the most. Pregnancy cushions or chiropractic tables are used so that you can rest on your stomach while your chiropractor makes gentle adjustments. Therefore, the approach does not prioritize “fast fixes” over the patient’s well-being. To protect yourself and your child, it is not necessary to use forceful means.


Instead of suffering through the discomfort of pregnancy without aid, see a chiropractor to adjust your alignment and have the easy pregnancy you deserve. Get in touch with Evolution Health and Wellness if you’re pregnant and looking for a reputable chiropractor.

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