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At Evolution Health and Wellness, we only use the most advanced wax formulations. It effectively removes all hairs and is gentle enough to give your skin a smooth finish. Our wax can be put on your skin at mild temperatures while blending seamlessly without stickiness. We recommend wax for sensitive skin areas. Our wax gives you exceptional results.

The advantages of waxing include:

  • Growing thinner and softer hair
  • Minimal discomfort
  • A quick procedure
  • Wax nurtures the skin
  • Longer-lasting results
  • Combats bumps and ingrown hairs


The Treatment

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Waxing can last between 3-6 weeks, depending on one’s hair growth, the wax’s location, and the application’s accuracy. The areas we wax include the legs, lips, armpits, etc. We recommend waiting 4-5 weeks in between waxes to resist the urge to shave or pluck hair before your next waxing appointment. Hair should be grown out to one-fourth inch long or around the size of a grain of rice.


You must have at least two weeks of hair growth to ensure an effective wax.

We recommend waxing every four weeks. The more waxing sessions you get, the longer the hair will take to regrow.

The first waxing session is the most difficult because your roots are large and thoroughly nourished. We use special wax that doesn’t comply with the skin and is formulated to cause you minimal discomfort.

The treated area will be tender, and we don’t recommend exercising, going to tanning beds, or putting lotion on your skin after the procedure. It can cause or worsen irritation. To reduce irritation and redness, you may apply Vaseline. Tanning beds make your skin more sensitive before waxing and irritate your skin after treatment. Lotion alters the texture of our wax and makes it more challenging to extract the hair.

After you wax, we recommend using a bacterial antimicrobial lotion to prevent ingrown hairs, minimize pore size, and reduce hair growth.

We don’t recommend it. For minimal discomfort, the hair’s length is crucial. This ensures optimal results.

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